Educative Board Games for Children

In this advanced technology age, there are many digital games that give complex gameplay. Sometimes, we waste too much time to solve those games. Let us look back at something simple yet educative such as board games. Board games don’t require you any digital media, the gameplay itself can be simple or complex to play. So, in this article, we will talk about some educative board games that suitable for children.

Snakes and ladders

Who doesn’t know about this game? Our childhood fulfilled by this too. Snake and Ladders is a board & dice game that proceeds based on how many dice number you got. Whoever reaches the finish is the winner. This game requires luck and simple strategy, like how many dice numbers to reach the ladder to pass your opponents. If you got the ladders, then you will go up, if you got the snakes, then you go down. This board game can be played by two persons or more.


Monopoly is an economy-based game that makes you learn to know how to sell or buy a property like houses, then develop them into a hotel. One of the educative board games like this is suitable for children to develop their mindset. This game is playable by two persons, up to four persons.


This board game is suitable for children. It is testing children’s mental and strategic mindset. The game formed a tower with 54 blocks, and every player must take one block from the upper side of the tower every turn. They also need to put the block to make the tower stable and stay in balance. If the tower falls, then game over.

There are still many educative board games for children that exist in this world. Most people will buy board games for having fun with their family, but some people prefer to make it by themselves.

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