Indonesian Educative Board Games

There are many board games in this world. Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders are one of them. Board games tend to be simpler to play yet educative in overall gameplay. Who knows that Indonesia actually has its board games? So, in this article, we will talk about educative board games from Indonesia.

The Heritage of Batik

The Heritage of Batik is the first board game created by Educa Studio. This board game also packed up with Marbel (Mari Belajar/Lets Study) series. This board game is playable by two people, up to four people with 45-90 minutes duration. There is also a digital version of this game too that you can download in your through PlayStore for Android phones, and AppStore for iOS phones.

Circus Politicus

Inspired by real characters and from many events that occurred in the world, Circus Politicus is one of the¬†Indonesian educative board games¬†that places you in a manager position of a certain success team of politic candidates. Players must arrange their strategy and conspiracy to get people’s votes and win the election. There are many characters you will meet in this game, such as Donald Trump, Kim Jong-Un, and of course, Jokowi and Prabowo too.


Linimasa is a card game. People may wonder why a card game in this article, but card games still considered as part of board games. Even though they don’t include the board.

In this Linimasa steam card game, players will play and learn about history. You will learn much about history like an inventor like Thomas Alva Edison or a writer like William Shakespeare. Not just about that, but science, technology, art, math, and many more. Even though it is just a card game, this card game is one of the few educative board games that really could develop your knowledge.

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