Be Healthy and Happy with Singing!

Being happy with singing is a great activity to do. Many people like to sing, especially when they are happy. The reason is that singing has many health benefits, from relieving stress to extending life! Let’s see what are the benefits of singing from the following review.

Encourage the production of endorphins

You may have felt that when your mood is not good and you try to sing, it turns out you feel happier and your mood improves. This is not surprising, because it turns out that singing will stimulate the production of endorphins, hormones that cause feelings of happiness.

Well, this endorphin is a hormone that has many benefits. For example, endorphins can help relieve pain, reduce stress, boost immunity, and even inhibit the growth of cancer cells. That is, the more often singing, the healthier!

Improve memory

Singing can also be beneficial for our brains. When singing our bodies will better regulate the entry and exit of oxygen, and that will accelerate blood circulation. Smooth blood circulation will make blood supply to the brain smooth too. And because memory is closely related to the smooth flow of blood to the brain, it means singing is indeed beneficial for improving our memory. Really, you will be happy with singing.

Improve posture

Singing can be done to the maximum if we do it with the right posture, which is standing or sitting up straight. So if we get used to singing with the right attitude, our posture will improve.

Good posture is certainly also beneficial for our health because it can train our bones and muscles so that it is stronger and more flexible. So try to get used to singing while straightening up.

Increase stamina

When singing, our body will need more oxygen. In fact, the oxygen we need when singing is more than some types of exercise. So singing is actually a good exercise for the lungs and throat. Our lungs will become stronger and thus our stamina will increase.

Extend life

Besides all the benefits mentioned earlier, singing certainly can reduce stress and increase immunity, so of course, the less likely a person is affected by the disease. And with trained lungs, the less likely to experience respiratory distress.

Now, you can keep your life happy with singing.

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