Do You Feel Stress? Use Your Hobby to Relieve Stress!

Do you have a hobby to relieve stress? Boredom in the midst of dense daily routines that we live in everyday life is easy to cause stress. How to relieve stress also varies, one of which is by having a hobby that you like. The following are some hobbies that you can do to relieve stress.


Gardening makes you closer to nature. Nature can make your mind refreshed after experiencing stress and tiredness to fulfill routine. No wonder so many people choose to spend their vacation in an area close to nature.


If you like reading books, you surely know how to read books as if you were really carried away in the world created from the writing you read. You can recall what really happened in your real world.


Yoga is a sport that is known to make your mind, soul, and body refreshed and relaxed. Yoga can be a hobby choice.


Cooking activities can hone your creativity. If you are in the kitchen, you will be preoccupied with kitchen services that make you forget your boredom. Try this hobby to relieve stress!

Listen to music

Music can be related to peace of mind. Music can talk a lot. By listening to music, you can become more relaxed and calmer.


You can pour out your heart’s content through writing in a diary, or your personal blog. Thus, then you will enjoy a life free from stress.

Caring plants

Having a small or decorative pot on your desk or workspace can reduce stress. Studies show that by spending approximately 30 minutes of your time gardening, stress levels can drop significantly. Caring for plants helps you to focus on one activity so you can forget about the pressures of work.

Put together a puzzle

Constructing puzzles requires concentration and you can divert attention from work pressure to puzzle completion. Compiling puzzles can also be done in the office either puzzle in physical form or smartphone application games. Compiling a puzzle can help you strengthen your memory and refresh your mind.


Of course, you often see grandmothers in their old age who can sit quietly for hours and only fixated on the knits. Knitting is an activity with repeated movements and provides an opportunity to focus on the present. In addition, you also will get its own satisfaction for successfully creating something. Therefore, knitting is an activity that is quite effective to reduce physical and mental stress symptoms.

Drawing and coloring

Perform the same movements repeatedly can reduce stress, this activity can be done while coloring. Drawing and coloring also creativity and calms your mind. Buy drawing and coloring books and spend about 30 minutes of work time doing the hobby.

So, those are kinds of a hobby to relieve stress. Enjoy your life!

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