Kill Your Boring Time with Stress Relief Applications

stress relief applications, Is there anyone else upset? Or again upset because there is no friend when alone? For those of you who are tired, confused about what to do, and also upset, don’t worry. Now many tablets that offer stress relief applications with a variety of entertainment to accompany you all. Check it out.


Have you heard of Webtoon? You must have done that because an ad about this application has been shown on television. It’s only natural because the Webtoon application is really useful for killing time. In it, there are dozens of comics from various genres. There is drama, romance, a slice of life, comedy, horror, and thriller. The way to read is unique. The reader must wait patiently for the continuation of the comics in the next update. There are updates once a week even four times a week. The coolest thing about the comics in this webtoon is, in the horror genre, the comics are often equipped with sound effects, moving image effects, even the effect “suddenly your cellphone’s camera turns on itself and detects ghosts”. So cool


Has anyone ever heard of an Episode? If you don’t know, I’ll explain. This episode is an application in which there are tons of films. Don’t imagine that you will find cinema videos or films. Here the form of the film is Avatar. We can watch the avatars’ movements as well as read what the avatars say, such as reading comics and watching movies at the same time. Uniquely, here you can dress up your avatar like playing The Sims. Then in the middle of the story, usually an option will appear what you have to do to face avatar conflict.


This is special too! It is one of the stress relief applications in which you can record videos with a short duration of 7 seconds or 17 seconds. Then you can edit your videos with funny effects, okay settings, and fun filters that can make your videos even cooler. We can also watch videos from other users. If you like, we can like the video. Anyway, this application is fun for fun. Now there is also another exciting competition, the Million Action Contest that is being held by Kwai.

Sing by Smule

Ever heard of this application? For those of you who love to sing, this application seems very fitting to treat anxiety. This application will be offered various types of song genres ranging from pop, rock, to metal. Especially, this application can make you feel like you’re a duet with your idol singers.

The application is fun, right? Now, I guarantee that there is no reason to worry anymore. Better entertain yourself with those stress relief applications.

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