How to Fix a Leaking Balcony

Leaking balconies are one of the common housing problems that you can face in Melbourne. Although it cause very minimal harm at first, they can lead to something much uglier. You will usually take the first notice of the problem when it begins to rain on your property. Water will drip down to the insides of your property, damaging a number of furniture inside your property. Balcony leaks should be dealt with straight away to prevent further damage to your property. Balcony leaks are caused by a number of reasons, including:

  • Swinging temperatures: In today’s environment, it is very common to see the sudden and significant thermal changes from the weather. This can cause a lot of stress to building materials, including balconies. Balconies are directly exposed to the dangerous elements of the outside world; rain, wind, sunlight, heat, etc. They are the first line of defence against the ever-changing weather situation in Melbourne.
  • Lack of control joints: Control joints are used to decrease the risk of the tiles moving up against each other when the hot weather in Melbourne arrives. Control joints have a very specific installation procedure; it should be installed every 3 meters around the perimeter of the balcony. Faulty components due to installation or an external cause might lead to possible leaks around your property.
  • Minimal falls: A number of balconies have a tendency to have minimal falls that is caused by poor drainage system on the balcony. Poor drainage will cause water to flow Therefore, waterproofing, installation, and tile adhesive have a significant effect on the minimal falls. 

So the question remains, how do you fix a leaking balcony? Well, the answer to that question is simple. Reaching out to your local leak services in Melbourne should be the answer. Professional leak services in Melbourne offers you the most effective and efficient solution to fix your leaking balconies. Not only can they fix leaking balconies, a number of leak fixing services in Melbourne also provides a number of other services for you to use, whenever you are faced with water leaking problems around your property in Melbourne. Professional leak services in Melbourne usually offer services that revolve around: seal leaking showers, seal bath perimeters, single shower full seal, shower tray seal, bathroom makeovers, silicone work, general re-grout work, and even shower re-tiling.

However, you should always be wary of which service to choose from. Professional leak services in Melbourne should incorporate the most advanced technologies available in the market to complete their work. Their technicians should be highly-trained and well-equipped with the knowledge and tools required to complete the job properly. They provide quality leak detection Melbourne services for you to use. The professionals will work down to every detail there is into their work, even taking great care to colour match the grout. They make sure that everything that they do does not go under your notice and permission. Therefore, be sure to look for the professional leak services in Melbourne that will give you your money’s value for their services. 

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