The Cause Of Broken Car Ignition And How To Fix It

Are you having trouble igniting your car’s engine? Have you checked under the hood and noticed that nothing seems off with your engine? Then you might have some problem with your car ignition. If you are struggling to start your car, then you might be dealing with a faulty car ignition or car key. You should get your car and key checked to the repair professionals to see what you are dealing with. Below is a list of several possible causes of broken car ignition and how to deal with it:

  • Corroded interior of car ignition: Depending on the material and maintenance of your car’s ignition, the internal part of the car ignition switch might start to corrode. As the main switch to turn on your car, it will be almost impossible to start your car with a corroded car ignition because corrosion lead to increased electrical resistance inside the ignition switch, which is used to ignite the engine of your car. When you are dealt with a corroded ignition switch, you should replace it immediately, before the corrosion starts to spread.
  • Excessive wear of car key: Things tend to wear out after the thousands of times it has been used. This can often be seen when your car key tends to fall out of the ignition switch. The key would not be able to fit the ignition switch like it used to in the past. Replacing both your car keys and the ignition switch should be the proper approach to avoid encountering future problems.,
  • Worn ignition switch contacts: This piece of problem can happen when the engine is running and when you are trying to start the car’s engine. You can identify this problem through the sudden, unexpected, and repeated events of your engine shutting down for no reason. You should immediately replace your switch contacts to avoid unwanted damage to both your car and your physical state. 
  • Dead battery in car key: A dead car battery happens when a car key is no longer able to send signals to the engine. Some transponder keys use a battery to amplify the radio signals that it transmit and receive from the engine immobilizers to which it is connected to. Replacing the battery will simply resolve this problem in no time. 

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