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How to Make Money from Online Game

What do you have in mind about online games? It must be a game that wastes time, uses up internet quota and more. But the fact that online games can make money, you know. There are four ways to get money from online games. Then, how to make money from online games? Come see below: Real Money… Read More »

Facts that Playing Games is Good for Mental Health

fact that playing games is good for mental health, Playing Video Games or whatever it’s called a game played on a gadget, whether it’s a computer, laptop or Play station 4,3,2,1, Xbox, Nintendo, and others. It turns out that many benefits for the health of the body and the ability to think of the brain. This is… Read More »

Kill Your Boring Time with Stress Relief Applications

stress relief applications, Is there anyone else upset? Or again upset because there is no friend when alone? For those of you who are tired, confused about what to do, and also upset, don’t worry. Now many tablets that offer stress relief applications with a variety of entertainment to accompany you all. Check it out. Webtoon Have… Read More »

Be Healthy and Happy with Singing!

Being happy with singing is a great activity to do. Many people like to sing, especially when they are happy. The reason is that singing has many health benefits, from relieving stress to extending life! Let’s see what are the benefits of singing from the following review. Encourage the production of endorphins You may have felt that… Read More »

Do You Feel Stress? Use Your Hobby to Relieve Stress!

Do you have a hobby to relieve stress? Boredom in the midst of dense daily routines that we live in everyday life is easy to cause stress. How to relieve stress also varies, one of which is by having a hobby that you like. The following are some hobbies that you can do to relieve stress.… Read More »

Indonesian Educative Board Games

There are many board games in this world. Monopoly and Snakes & Ladders are one of them. Board games tend to be simpler to play yet educative in overall gameplay. Who knows that Indonesia actually has its board games? So, in this article, we will talk about educative board games from Indonesia. The Heritage of Batik The… Read More »

Educative Board Games for Children

In this advanced technology age, there are many digital games that give complex gameplay. Sometimes, we waste too much time to solve those games. Let us look back at something simple yet educative such as board games. Board games don’t require you any digital media, the gameplay itself can be simple or complex to play.… Read More »